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Useful disruption and productive conflict have always been part of steirischer herbst—an institution that has sparked dialogue time again throughout its history. Every autumn since its founding half a century ago, the festival has provided a platform for new productions, provoking and shaping public debates in a variety of forms across disciplines and media. Reinventing itself many times over, steirischer herbst has always redefined the terms of the conversation about what culture might mean in a changing contemporaneity, as seen in Graz, Austria’s second most populous city.

steirischer herbst was founded in the pivotal year of 1968, in opposition to the resurgence of nationalist cultural initiatives gaining traction at the time. This founding moment drew upon a tradition of international modernism in music, theater, and visual art—which the Nazis had labeled “degenerate” three decades before—and the belief that it could (still) provide a bulwark against the deep-seated remnants of the totalitarian mentality in the world. steirischer herbst would appear on the scene with the unexpected force of an earthquake, cutting across the wholesome idea of a cultural “autumn harvest” in a region very proud of its wine and fruit. It would enchant, confound, and shock audiences out of their complacency, in the seemingly placid former retirement-capital of the Hapsburg monarchy.

Indeed, part of what has made steirischer herbst unique over the course of its history is its engagement with the city of Graz itself. The festival emerged through the initiative of the local scenes and continues to play an important role establishing networks to this day. It has also regularly featured work that delves into Graz’s uneven present and its complex, sometimes troubling past. Activating many if not most of the city’s cultural spaces, the festival rendered the city legible as a text, with new chapters appearing every year.

From its very beginnings, steirischer herbst stood out as one of the world’s few multidisciplinary art festivals, long before the fashionable overuse of the term. Fostering dialogue between the arts by combining aesthetic positions with theoretical reflection, the festival’s various iterations have integrated visual art, music, art in public space, theater, performance, new media, literature, and everything in between, with an emphasis on one field or the other varying over the years. This point remains central to the festival’s approach today, as it emphasizes work that refuses to be bound by the rules and traditional scope of separate cultural fields.

In 2018, the festival continues in the collaborative spirit of its founding and stays true to its focus on international breadth and local depth. It seeks to foster long-term engagement and the production of new work based on in-depth research and emphasizes urban and regional narratives in their sometimes bizarre relation to global processes. Its central projects can be read as one big exhibition—a single parcours—its elements time- and site-specific, presenting a new way to inhabit the city’s social spaces and be engrossed in the stories they might tell.

A strong focus on the social and political urgencies in Graz and Austria goes hand in hand with an international orientation. An integral part of the festival in its early years was the so-called Trigon Biennial, named after the polygon shaped tri-national border of Austria, Italy, and former Yugoslavia. Now, once again, as inequality and nationalism spread both in Eastern and Western Europe, it seems crucial to rekindle this interest in the search for points of connection and solidarity. It is precisely the feeling of marginality, sometimes poignant, sometimes cozy, as experienced in Graz that fosters a sensitivity to other frontier regions, where the purported normalcy of the global order appears in all its surreality and weirdness on the fringes.

steirischer herbst pursues a critical agenda and supports practices that are engaged and engaging. That does not mean that the festival is simply a platform for alternative politics. Instead, it aims each year anew to turn the city into a stage upon which art’s unique imaginative potential—its capacity to tell wild stories and shift shapes, to make impossible conjectures and poetic jokes, to take over spaces and occupy the imagination—is on full view.


Ekaterina Degot

Director and Chief Curator


Henriette Gallus

Deputy Director


+43 316 823 007 81

Dominik Jutz

Managing Director


+43 316 823 007 71

Christoph Platz

Head of Curatorial Affairs


+43 316 823 007 75

Joana Theuer


+43 316 823 007 52

Övül Ö. Durmusoglu    



Katalin Erdödi



Dominik Müller



Jill Winder



Georg Schöllhammer

General Advisor

David Riff

Curator for Discourse

Birgit Pelzmann

Assistant Curator


Johanna Rainer

Assistant Curator


+43 316 823 007 82

Andreas R. Peternell

Head of Communications and Marketing


+43 316 823 007 60

Heide Oberegger

Press Officer


+43 316 823 007 61

Martina Heil

Coordinator Communications

+43 316 823 007 62

Susanne Spörker 

Coordinator Visitors Service


+43 316 823 007 67

Bernd Buchmasser

Press and Social Media Assistant


+43 316 823 007 65

Martin Ladinig



+43 316 823 007 63

Elke Murlasits       
Head of Education


+43 316 823 007 90

Markus Boxler  

Education Manager


Ulli Mayer

Advisor Education


Roland Gfrerer

Production Manager


Jakob Schweighofer

Production Manager


Kathrin Lazarus

Coordinator Production Office


+43 316 823 007 73

Else Chinese

Production Coordinator


Karl Masten

Technical Management


Rita Puffer    

Head of Finances


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Matthias Ulbl       

Assistant Finances

+43 316 823 007 53

Sabine Reisner    

Public Funding Coordinator


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Stefanie Lazarus

Office Management


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Maximilian Ennemoser

Office Assistant

Stefan Götzhaber

Office Assistant

Danica Radat



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Landes- als Handelsgericht Graz
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Mitglied der Österreichischen Wirtschaftskammer

Bank details
Bank für Kärnten und Steiermark
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Legal regulations
Gesetz über Gesellschaften mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbHG) und Gewerbeordnung

Disclosure in accordance with § 25 MedienG

Proprietor steirischer herbst festival gmbh, Sackstraße 17, 8010 Graz, Austria

Object of the Company
To plan and carry out cultural events in the context of steirischer herbst, to manage companies of the same or similar nature, and to participate in such companies or in companies affiliated or subordinate to the Company, if required by the object of the Company.

Ekaterina Degot

Supervisory Board
Dr. Heinz Wietrzyk, Ernst Brandl, Alexia Getzinger MAS, Dr. Monika Isola, Mag. Gerald Kogler, and Dr. Günther Witamwas

Land Steiermark, Stadt Graz

Basic orientation
To provide information to visitors and individuals interested in steirischer herbst and in contemporary art. steirischer herbst is the oldest multidisciplinary festival of contemporary art in Europe.

Terms and Conditions

1. General

These Terms and Conditions apply to sales of admission tickets, festival passes, and free attendance of events of steirischer herbst festival gmbh. Any deviating conditions only apply if steirischer herbst festival gmbH has given its written consent. By making an order or attending an event, the buyer accepts and abides by these Terms and Conditions.

2. Formation of the contract

The customer’s order is a binding offer. steirischer herbst festival gmbh is free within 7 (seven) days as of receipt of the offer to either accept offers to buy tickets or to refuse such offers by sending a statement to this effect to the customer, particularly in the event of any price increases in the interim or any mistakes in our guide (program), price lists or other documentations, including those in electronic media. No liability whatsoever is accepted for such price increases or mistakes.

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4. Festival pass

Purchasing a festival pass gives you admission to all events. Owing to capacity constraints, we cannot guarantee actual admission to all events on your preferred date. Particularly for events that are also indicated as such in the guide (program), we therefore recommend making a reservation for a charge in good time.

The festival pass is non-transferable and only valid in combination with valid photo identification. The buyer is only entitled to services rendered by steirischer herbst festival gmbh that are under the direct influence of the company. steirischer herbst festival gmbh makes no guarantee for the provision of additional third-party services that may change at the discretion of the particular cooperation partner. We also reserve the right to make program changes. By means of access control upon entering the venue, we may ascertain how often you visit events at steirischer herbst and which events.

5. Right of return

Festival passes cannot be returned (exchange or buy-back). Admission tickets cannot be returned—with the exception of cancellation. If an event is canceled, you are advised to return the ticket within one month of the date of the event. Tickets can only be returned to the steirischer herbst ticket offices. The organizer (venue) reserves the right to make changes to cast, program and date which the buyer can be reasonably expected to accept. In the event of a cancellation, postponement or program change that is not the fault of the organizer (venue), no expenses (such as hotel costs, travel costs, etc.) will be reimbursed, no handling, system or processing charges will be refunded.

6. House rules/latecomers

By purchasing an admission ticket/festival pass or attending an event, visitors agree to accept the house rules. Proof of eligibility for discount will be checked on admission. For all venues, the respective house rules apply with respect to admission of latecomers. Depending on the production, late admission may not always be possible. An admission ticket without a stub is invalid. The ticket ceases to be valid when you leave the venue. Any abuse will be prosecuted.

7. Consumer protection information

Pursuant to §5e Konsumentenschutzgesetz (“KSchG”, Consumer Protection Act), consumers are entitled to withdraw from contracts concluded with us by way of distance selling (i.e., contract concluded by email, telefax, etc.) by giving notice of cancellation within seven working days (excluding Saturday) unless one of the exceptions to this right of withdrawal under §5f KSchG applies. Therefore excluded from the right of withdrawal in particular are disks, CD-ROMs and the like if they have been unsealed by the buyer, single issues of specialist journals, newspapers and magazines (with the exception of contracts for periodical printed publications, goods for consumption, sanitary articles, and the like).

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9. Place of fulfillment, choice of law, and jurisdiction

The place of fulfillment for all articles of the Agreement is Graz. Austrian law applies to this Agreement. The Provincial and Commercial Court of Graz (Landes- und Handelsgericht Graz) is agreed as having exclusive competence with regard to disputes arising from orders placed with steirischer herbst festival gmbh, where legally permissible. If any provision or provisions of these Terms and Conditions contradict any legal provisions (for instance the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act/KSchG), this shall be without prejudice to the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

10. Liability

steirischer herbst festival gmbh excludes all liability for minor negligence, payment of damages for consequential damage, financial losses, loss of profit, and losses arising from third-party claims against the buyer. The exclusion of liability for minor negligence does not apply to personal injury.

Owing to volume, concerts may pose a risk of damage to hearing and health; the organizer (venue) accepts liability for such damage and other damage to property and personal harm only on condition that he is to blame.

11. Photography and film

By entering the venue, the visitor agrees to the publication of photographic, film and audio material created for current affairs coverage by press photographers and television teams and for documentation and announcement purposes on behalf of steirischer herbst festival gmbh.

Visitors are not permitted to make audio, film and video recordings or to take photographs. In the event that visitors fail to comply (above all if they take photographs with a flash!), the organizer is entitled to confiscate the recording device until the end of the performance. Open-air events can take place in any weather. No umbrellas, bottles or other dangerous items, etc., may be taken into the venue. Visitors must bring their own rainwear.

In the Web shop, the Terms and Conditions of CTS/Eventim Austria GmbH, Heumühlgasse 11, 1040 Vienna, apply in addition to the Terms and Conditions of steirischer herbst.

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The data are not sent to any third parties, with the exception of data sent to CTS EVENTIM AUSTRIA Gmbh, our ticket system provider, to Wirecard Central Eastern Europe GmbH for technical handling of electronic payment transactions, and to our tax consultant to meet our obligations under tax legislation.

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