Ann Liv Young (USA)

Sherry’s Room

49% performance
19% intimacy
29% installation
3% mini-bar
Sherry – a southerner never at a loss for words – embarks on new paths in the field of mental health: over the past five years she has developed a unique therapy that above all emphasises the performative role of the therapist. She becomes a canvas on which the patient projects their own behaviour patterns. Her style of treatment, based upon close observation, is constantly changing, ever ready to guarantee the patient the best possible treatment on their journey together. Sherry enjoys wide acclaim for her ability to create performative conditions for a successful dialogue, as well as for her work on character development, relationships, death and trauma. An appointment, plus a little bit of pluck, is necessary for the half-hour, individual session.

  Ann Liv Young: Sherry    

Festival distrikt: Hotel, Room 113

Concept Ann Liv Young
In collaboration with Michael Guerrero
Assistance Annie Clinton
Commissioned by steirischer herbst

Date and Facts

30/09 - 02/10,
3 pm - 12 midnight
Festival district: Hotel, room 113

6 €

English language

Festival district: Hotel, room 113